Solution: "How to Solve the Problem"

Normal Findings: Often the child’s “problem” falls in the normal range for his/her age. Consequently, no treatment would be recommended, but parents are offered assistance in dealing with normal parenting issues.
Psycho-Social Therapy: Sometimes problems are found that require psychological treatment such as:
  Behavior Modification
  Cognitive Therapy
  Individual Psychotherapy
  Family Therapy
  Parent Education
  Group Therapy
  Career Counseling
Cognitive Training: Many children would benefit from improving their intellectual functioning. For them, MindBlaster may be the answer.
Medical Consultation: Helping your child’s pediatrician make decisions regarding your child’s care is a very important function of psychological testing.
School Consultation: Psychological testing is the only way to identify learning disabilities and to discover how your child learns best, providing vital information for teachers.
Accommodations: Your child may qualify for modifications in academic requirements, extended time on the SAT, or other accommodations in the classroom to make learning easier.