Effective treatment is dependent upon having a thorough understanding of what the problem is, what is causing it, and the prognosis. We use the latest psychological tests and equipment to assure you an accurate diagnosis. Our ADHD test battery is one of the most comprehensive, high-tech batteries available. In addition to objective tests, APPA psychologist use parent and teacher ratings, a clinical history and examination, and direct observations to arrive at a final diagnosis.

Few children struggle in school because they want to be bad or fail. In the vast majority of cases, behavior and academic problems can be traced to ADHD, learning disabilities, emotional problems, or difficulties relating to others. In these days of managed care, there is pressure to skimp on evaluation and begin treatment based on a superficial assessment (e.g., single interview). However, there are several problems with this approach:

  1. Many disorders have similar symptoms, such as ADHD vs. LD vs. adjustment disorder. So, it is easy to make the wrong diagnosis.
  2. There is frequently more than one problem. This is very common with LD and ADHD. A complete diagnostic work up may cost a little more, but the benefits are great.

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