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Reading Aptitude

Reading is comprised of many basic abilities working together. To simply give a child an achievement test, find a weakness in reading, and report that the child has a learning disability, offers little help to the teacher or parent. In addition to documenting IF a child has a problem, a good evaluation explains WHY.

The Reading Aptitude Graph on the following page shows why Sally is struggling in reading. This is because she has trouble processing visual and auditory information, i.e., she reverses letters and has difficulty hearing the phonemes (sounds) in words. She also has very slow rapid naming ability, which is an essential skill to become an accomplished reader. It is not unusual to find that parents and teachers are unaware that a bright child such as Sally is a poor reader. Such children are often very good a compensating for reading weaknesses on short passages. In fact, they can read but only at a slow rate and with much effort. This detracts from the enjoyment and limits comprehension.

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Given information on why the child is having difficulty with a subject the teacher can plan a remediation strategy that meets the specific needs of that

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