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In our sample case, Sally was found to have severe problems with both Visual and Auditory Processing and very slow Rapid Naming ability. These processing disabilities have resulted in a Specific Learning Disability in Reading. The Reading Aptitude profile summarizes her strengths and weaknesses in reading and should be useful to her teachers in planning a remediation program.

Sally also has a neurologically based Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and is experiencing significant levels of anxiety. Her deteriorating school performance is the result of the combined effects of a SLD, ADHD, and anxiety.


1. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
2. Overanxious Disorder
3. Specific Learning Disability in Reading

a. Visual Processing Disability
b. Auditory Processing Disability
c. Rapid Naming Deficit


In a complete report, the Recommendations would contain suggestions for parents, teachers, and doctors regarding possible ways to treat the problems uncovered in the evaluation. Also included are all of the raw scores from the tests and listings of other resources that may be able to provide additional information, treatment, or support.

Implementation of Findings and Recommendations

arrow next pageIf an evaluation is to have any lasting value, the findings and recommendations must be applied in the child’s daily life. This is very difficult to accomplish as teachers must focus on many students during the day and parents have much to distract them—we all forget. To make it easier to remember the child’s specific problems and the resulting recommendations, we have developed a series of “stickers” that the teacher can place on the student’s folder or some other convenient place.

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