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Emotional Functioning

Emotional Factors were measured with two self-report tests, parent and teacher ratings, and a clinical interview: The tests used were the Children’s Manifest Anxiety Scale and the Reynold’s Child Depression Scale.

Sally’s responses to the CMAS place her at the 99th percentile in terms of the number of symptoms of anxiety she is experiencing in comparison to other girls her age. Examples of items she responded “yes” to include:

  • ·Often I have trouble getting my breath.
  • I worry a lot of the time.
  • I worry about what my parents will say to me.
  • My feelings get hurt easily.
  • I worry about what is going to happen.
  • I have bad dreams.
  • A lot of people are against me.
On the Reynold’s, Sally indicated that she was having a normal number of symptoms of depression for her age.

These findings indicate that Anxiety is probably contributing to Sally’s problems.

A highly trained and experienced clinician is required to accurately diagnose and treat emotional problems. This is especially true in children as they often are not able to “put into words” what they are experiencing. The APPA doctors of psychology are trained in working with children and adolescents and have many years of applied experience with this population.
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