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NAME: Sally Smith
AGE:  9 years, 3 months
GRADE:    4.3
SCHOOL:  The Private School
PARENTS: Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
REFERRED BY:   School Counselor
EVALUATED BY: (Name of APPA Psychologist)

Sally is a nine-year-old girl who is in the fourth grade at The Private School. She was referred for a psychological evaluation by her parents on the recommendation of her school counselor. Although described by her teachers as being very intelligent, Sally’s grades have begun to drop, she has trouble completing assignments within the allotted time, states that she “hates reading”, and is becoming more oppositional both at home and in the classroom.

During the five hours of testing, Sally was polite and cooperative. As the day progressed, she became increasingly restless, but remained on task with encouragement. I believe that these results accurately reflect her current level of  functioning.


The information in the report is presented in a way that is USER FRIENDLY, ACCURATE, CONCISE , and INTELLIGIBLE.  Your questions are answered using the latest in testing technology. Conclusions are based on objective findings, and recommendations are realistic. We do not tell teachers how to teach, doctors how to practice medicine, or parents how to parent. We do give  you the information you need to meet your child’s needs.

To make it even easier to understand the findings, a series of colored charts and profiles are employed to give you a visual summary of the test results.

Tables: Cognitive or Intellectual Abilities
  Academic Achievement
  Reading Aptitude
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