MindBlaster, a Cognitive Training Program developed by APPA psychologists in collaboration with educators, is available to Metro-Atlanta students who wish to improve their cognitive learning skills, increase attention, and reduce impulsivity.

MindBlaster is an intensive, 10-week program that provides 3 hours of personal instruction weekly. This is augmented by parent training to produce maximum benefits in the shortest time. Intense effort produces rapid improvement which allows the child to see changes in his or her performance. This in turn raises self-esteem and makes the child more willing to be an active participant in the learning process.

MindBlaster strengthens those intellectual abilities that are most important for learning—it is not traditional tutoring. The focus is on such skills as visual processing (seeing letters, words, and numbers correctly), auditory processing, memory, learning, processing speed, and abstract reasoning. An added bonus is an improved ability to pay attention and to control impulsivity. MindBlaster builds a mental foundation for a sound education.