Parents' Comments

The MindBlaster staff are often asked questions such as “What do parents and students feel about the program? Do the gains last? Does MindBlaster make a difference in school performance, self confidence, and other areas?” As part of a follow-up research study (test data are presented in Research section), eight parents were interviewed a year or more after their children had graduated from MindBlaster. Below are the parents’ comments when asked, “What is your current opinion of MindBlaster?”

The mother of a middle school student who was attending a private school for learning disabled students at the time he entered MindBlaster said, “After graduating from MindBlaster, he transferred to a public school, enrolled in the general education program, and made all As and Bs!” When she was asked how MindBlaster impacted his school performance, she replied, “Complete turn around—Great! He won two awards!”

Other parents’ comments:

“Fabulous program. I recommended it to eight other families.”
“Very good program. First I thought, boy are we wasting our time, but I can tell a big difference now. I have recommended it.”
“Tickled to death! She’s so conscientious. Much happier. She got invited for the Duke Talent Program S.A.T. for 7th graders, and she was picked as representative for Student Council.”
“I liked it—helped our relationship. Was worth the money!”
“Highly recommended.”
“Do it! <Daughter> loved it.”

Since the inception of MindBlaster, 98% of the students who began training have graduated, despite the offer of a full tuition refund if they withdrew prior to the fifth session.

Please Note: The above quotations are not offered as scientific proof of the effectiveness of the program. They are included to provide some of the “parent to parent” communication for which we are frequently asked.