The "Nuts & Bolts"

MindBlaster is an intensive 10-week cognitive training program. Students meet with a "coach" twice per week for 90 minute sessions—a total of 30 hours of instruction. All of the cognitive training is done individually to assure that your child will achieve maximum benefits, with none of the "lost time" common in group instructions.

Each student receives a complete training kit—yours to keep—that includes a description of the training exercises and the supplies necessary to conduct them. As part of each training session, you will be taught how to teach the cognitive skills. This is done for two reasons:

  1. It will allow you to practice the skills at home with your child—strongly encouraged because the more practice the better the results.
  2. This enables you to continue cognitive training after your child graduates from MindBlaster.

MindBlaster is considered an educational program. It is not psychotherapy. Consequently, your child is not given a psychiatric diagnosis. For this reason, MindBlaster is not covered by insurance plans. Tuition is competitive with that charged by comparable cognitive training programs and intensive reading and tutoring programs such as the Lindamood-Bell Reading Program ( and the Sylvan Learning Centers (

To register your child for MindBlaster or to obtain more information, contact Ms. Susan Kann, M.Ed., Director of Cognitive Training at APPA. Phone: 770-939-3073 or Email: